icons BottleEnjoy the delicious taste and nutritional benefits of fresh milk straight from your local farm. Source your milk in a more sustainable way, from local farms using reusable bottle schemes 

We love knowing exactly where our milk comes from and we know you will too.

MPI Advice

Raw milk is safe and healthy when handled correctly. Follow the advice below to reduce any risks:

  • Keep it chilled whilst transporting it home from the farm.
  • Keep your raw milk in the coldest part of your fridge (usually the lower levels are 4C or less).
  • Throw it out if it's been left out for 2 or more hours.
  • Drink it by its use-by date.
  • If you're serving raw milk to friends or visitors, make sure you let them know what the risks are.
  • Buy it only from a registered supplier. From November 1, 2016 producers who sell raw unpasteurised milk need to be registered with MPI. The lists of registered suppliers will be updated as providers are approved.